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Not sure what to say?  

JYG Can help you with that! The options are endless, but here are some common events and

phrases you may want to choose from. Don’t like what you see then give

us a call and JYG can help you come up with something new. 


Remember, If you can name it, JYG can do it!


What Fun (Name) is 1, 21, 31, 41!

Happy Birthday (Name!)

Happy  Sweet 16!

(Name) is Double Digits!

Let the party begin, (Name) is 10!

Shut the Door, (Name) is (24,34,44)! Looking Great at …..38, 48, 58!

(Name) is 5 perfect 10’s!

Lordy Lordy (Name) is 40!

(Name) is a Teen!

Scream…(Name) is 13!

Teem Scene! (Name) is 13

Oh No! (Name) is (40..50..60)!

(Name),Over the Hill!

Still Hanging On, (Name) is (39,49,59)!

(Name) Fabulous and 50!

Hot & Flashy! (Name) is 50!

It’s The Big One! 5*0

(Name) is Prime & 50!!!

(Name) is Fancy & Flirty @ (30, 40)!

Feliz Cumpleanos!

(Name) is on PAR since (Birth Year)



Cheers to (25...50...) years!

Congrats! (Number) years!

Happy (# years) Anniversary!

Celebrating (# ) Years!

Cheers for more years!

Here’s to the Golden Years!

Announcements / Achievements:


Gotcha (Name)!

Baby Arrival:

Welcome Home! Baby (Name)

Baby Blessing! #(Number)

It’s a (Girl/Boy)!!

(He/She/Baby) has Arrived!


Time To Go Fishing!

Goodbye Tension! Hello Pension!


Congrats Sen(year)s!

Congrats (year) Grad!

(School) Bound

(Year) (Mascot) Grad!

Way to Go!


Happy Bar Mitzvah

Happy Bat Mitzvah




School Spirit:

(School or Mascots) are #1

(School) Rocks!

(School) (Sport) Rocks!

Big Win! (School)

We Got (School) Spirit!

(School) State Champs (Year)

Way to Go! (Team)

100 Days of Learning

Meet me at the Flag Pole


New Years:

Happy New Year!

Welcome (year)!

New year! New you!

Pop! Fizz! Clink! Cheers To The New Year!

Valentine’s Day:

(Name) Your the One!

Happy Valentines Day

(Name) is my Honey Bee!

Be my Honey Bee!

Lovers Day

My Sweet Heart, (Name)

I love you! (Name) XOXO

Be Mine! (Name) XO


Happy Easter!

He is Risen! Risen Indeed!

Mother’s Day:

Happy Mother’s Day!

We (heart) Mom!

Superman Lives Here!

Supermom Lives Here!

Father’s Day:

Happy Father’s Day!

Dad is our Hero!

We (heart) Dad!

July 4th:

Happy Birthday America!

Happy Independence Day!

Labor day:

USA Strong!

Memorial Day 

Never Forget!

Veteran’s Day:

Men of Honor!

Thank you (U) for your (UR) service!


Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Turkey Day!

Give Thanks!


Happy Hanukah!

Light the Blessings!

Light The Night Up!


Merry Christmas!

Follow the Star!



She said Yaaas!

They said I Do! (Date)

(Name) & (Name) Saying I Do! (Date)

The Date is Set! (Date)

Here comes the Bride! (Date)

To Be Wed! (Name) & (Name) (Date)


Will you Marry Me?

(Name) Your the One For me!


School Events:


Be My Date?


Dance All Night with me?

Wanna Dance at (School/HOCO)?

Prom (year) ?

Homecoming (Date)

Buy your HOCO Tickets!

Gala/Fund Raisers:

Gala tonight!

Gala Tickets?

(Band/Choir) Concert (Date)

Theater Tonight!

PTA Tonight at (time)


Teacher Of the Month

Thanks Coach (Name)!

Our coach (Name) Rocks!

We Love (heart) our Teachers

Our Teachers Lift Us UP!

We Love (heart) our Volunteers!


Graduation Night (Date)

Gym this way —>

Tournament Here

Final Exams Next Week!

Register Here

Final Exams Next Week!

Welcome Back Students!

Summer Wishes!

Happy Summer!



Casino Tonight!

Let’s Roll!

This is how we roll!

Casino Royale Night!

Party is Here!

Party is On

Bunk Babes Here!

Sip. Sip. Hooray!

Grad Party Starts Now!

Mad Hatter Tea(Cocktail) Party

Bridal Showers:

Showered with Love!

Here’s the Bride!

Bride to Be!

Pop the Champagne!

She’s changing her name.

Traveling from Miss to Mrs

Brunch & Bubbly

Couple Showers:

Tying the Knot!

(Name & Name) is getting Hitched!

Catch of a life time!

It’s Double Fun!

It all began with Love.

Celebrating (Name) & (Name)

Love is a Journey

Baby Shower:

Beau of Bow?

Miss or Mister?

Cowboy or Cowgirl?

Blue or Pink? What do you think?

He or She? Come in to See?

Rifles or Ruffles?

Girl or Boy?

Guns or Glitter?

Polo or Pearls?

Putters or PomPoms?

Brother or Sister?

Lass or Ladd?

Heels or Wheels?

Stashes or Lashes?

Luke or Leia?(Stars Wars)

Hershey or Hershey?

Blessings From Above!

Cradle/Basket of Blessings

Blessings Shower





Corporate Events:

(Name) Employee of the Month

Number #1 in (Sales, City, State)

Congrats, (Name)!


Now Open!

Now Leasing!

Just Remodel

We’re Open!

Come On In!

Got To Look!

BOGO Today!

New Inventory Just arrived

Hail Sale!

Estate/Garage Sale Today


Open House

Open 2-4pm

New Buyers -

Welcome Home! (Family Name)

Congrats! (Family Name)

Our First Home!

Newly Remodel



 State Champs

 Super Bowl Party!

 Go (Sports Team)!

 Hog Fest!

 Bat away!

 Grand Slam!

 Let’s Play Ball!

 Flip n Roll! (Name/Cheerleaders)

 (School/Name) Dunk It!!!

 Slam Dunk Game!

 Kick High! (Drill Team)

 Way to Go ! (Team)

 Let The Games Begin!


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