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"The Original Yard Greetings!"

Skip The Card. Jubilee The Yard!

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Greeting Ideas

 Select your greeting to celebrate your special

occasion or event

with an original

Jubilee Yard Greetings!  

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Graphic Ideas

 Choose from

JYG’s fun graphic

designs tpersonalize

your unique

yard greeting!


Price & Policy

 Enjoy JYG all inclusive price for your

Jubilee Yard Greeting!

No hidden fees!

JYG keeps it simple!


Order Your Greeting

 Place your order today!

Let Jubilee Yard

Greetings “Jubilize" 

your yard for your special occasion!

About Us


The Kelley Sisters

 They say there is a bond between sisters that is 

unbreakable. Well Texas born sisters, Mary Kelley

King and Marilyn Kelley Paret, definitely have that

bond! They had always talked about starting a 

business together but wanted a concept that would 

serve others by spreading joy and excitement to their clients and community! In 2018, they discovered  Memorial Yard Greetings business founded by Debbie Kay of Houston, Tx. With that being said, Mary and Marilyn developed their business using “Each of us should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s

grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10 They chose the name Jubilee Yard Greetings as it represents an event to celebrate! And the two of them finally working together is definitely a Jubilee moment! So…for your next occasion, let the Kelley Sisters make it a Jubilee celebration to remember with a Jubilee Yard Greeting!!!

What Our Customers Say

"A tradition"

"Jubilee Yard Greetings has become a tradition and expected celebration at my home!"

Theresa Long



"I was so surprised!!! It made me feel so special!!! I loved the experienced!"

"Huge hit!"

"What a fun way to celebrate any occasion!! It was a huge hit! I will definitely use Jubilee yard Greetings again. "

Dianna Frank

Elizabeth Mule

From Us

There is always an occasion to make someone’s day or a milestone to commemorate! Jubilee Yard Greetings  offers a fun, unique and personalized way to celebrate any event in your family & friends’ lives. Our goal is to make people smile and turn any celebration into a

Jubilee Experience!

From Us
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